The Booted Bantam Society UK is pleased to recognise the support of its founder members: 

Stu Ames
Stuart Clark
Sarah Davidson
Steve Fawcett
Jane Harnett
Jeff Harnett
Will Holmes
Mike Jennings
Ewan Jones
Katherine Larcombe
Daniel Lawson
Barry McAleer
Lorraine Moloney
Jane Morgan
Judi Neachell
David Neill
Amelia Nelson
Bev Nelson
Julie Shearman
Charlotte Simcoe-Overson
Paul Stringer
Lisa Williams
Philippe Wilson
Denise Wood
Alison Yates
Affiliated to the Poultry Club of Great Britain

Welcome to the Booted Bantam Society UK Website

Following 3 years hard work by a dedicated group of Booted Bantam breeders and keepers, the Booted Bantam Society UK was formed in November 2014 at the National Championships.

Since forming society membership has continued to grow and includes members across the UK and as far as Canada and Sweden.  

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We hope you find this website useful.  

Booted Bantam Committee