Virtual Club Show 2020
December 2020 (Facebook)

The Virtual Poultry Photo Shows 
Winterfest 19 December 2020 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all shows were suspended in line with Government restrictions and guidelines.

To lift the spirits of Booted enthusiasts, the club hosted its first Virtual Show via Facebook, to replace the club show which would usually take place at PCGB National in Telford.  Entries were phenomenal and photos were fun to take!

Entries and winners are summarised below and can be seen via the Facebook page by clicking here: Virtual Show 2020

Judge Simon Harvey placed a Black female as the overall winner of the club show.

Boden & Harnett

Best Booted, Best Self, Best Black

Reserve Best Booted, Best Opposite Sex Booted

Boden & Harnett

Best Millefleur

Best AOC

Best Non-Standard

Best Young Bird

Best White

Best Porcelain

Best Gold Millefleur

Best Silver Birchen

Best Black Mottled

Ames & Jennings

Best Pair

Best Trio

Best Lavender

Best Lavender Mottled

Best Silver Millefleur

Best Buff White Millefleur

Best Cuckoo

Thomas Reed

Best Juvenile

Best Lemon Millefleur

Holly Norton

Best Gold Birchen

Yates & Jones

Best Rumpless

Alison Rich

Best Blue

We all missed out on attending another big booted show in 2020, the Federation held at Stafford. 

However, the Virtual Poultry Photo Shows (VPS) 2020 held "Winterfest 2020" in December.  Sadly pictures have now been removed from the site, however, VPS is continuing in 2021, more information can be found via the Facebook page by clicking here: VPS2021

Judge Thomas Reeves chose a Black Female as the overall VPS 2020 Best Booted Bantam.  Collette Bisson's Black Male was selected as reserve best booted.

Ames & Jennings Best Booted Bantam
Collette Bisson: Reserve Best Booted