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Alison Yates, Secretary, Booted Bantam Society UK

Waters Edge, 15A Hawthorn Close, Chinley, SK23 6DD

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The Booted Bantam Society UK Committee are:

Ewan Jones, Chair, Derbyshire

[email protected]

I live in Derbyshire where my wife and I breed both Booted Bantams and Rumpless Booted Bantams. Colours kept include Black, White, Lemon and Gold Millefleur, Porcelaine and Lavender (standard and rumpless). I believe a Booted breed society would be of great benefit for several reasons. I’d like to try and help build up information and education resources for breeders and judges and think a dedicated breed club is an excellent way to achieve this (and, of course, it’s a great way to socialise and meet other breeders!). In my ‘day job’, I have worked in the charitable and voluntary sector for 30 years developing accessible and community transport systems for isolated and disadvantaged communities – nothing to do with poultry but a huge amount of committee, training and education work. I would like to concentrate on involving as many people as possible in the club from different areas and backgrounds so that we have a strong and viable society.

Bev Nelson, Vice-chair, Cheshire

[email protected]

Hi, I am Bev Nelson. I have been breeding Booted Bantams since 2006. Having first seen a photo of them I was instantly hooked. Getting good birds however was not easy, so I started by buying some hatching eggs off Ebay! I bred as many as I could to begin with and slowly but surely managed to improve my birds over the years. I breed Booteds in many colours and show them as some of the bigger shows each year. I have been fortunate to win Best Booted at the National & Federation many times, but I still aim at breeding better each year. Having no-where to go, to get help or advice about Booteds, I joined together with other like minded breeders and suggested we form a group – ‘The Booted Bantams Breeders Group’ was born. Having realised that there was sufficient demand for a Society I called on the group to see if we could form a society. This is where we are today – most of the new committee were members of the original breeders group. I am very proud of what has been achieved so far and look forward to building the Booted Bantam Society to be one of the best breed clubs around.

Alison Yates, Secretary, Derbyshire

[email protected]

I only wanted three layers and small ark – now we must have nearer 200 of all shapes and sizes (birds not arks!). We breed Booted Bantams obviously, in a range of colours (both standard and rumpless). I also love breeding and showing large & bantam Araucana and white crested black Polands. We also keep a range of home grown ‘mongrel’ layers as well which supply a good range of egg colours for showing. I caught the showing bug early on and now love going to shows both large and small. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t but it’s always a good place to learn. I hope the Booted club will attract more breeders to help select and refine stock to get it as close to the breed standard as possible.

Jane Harnett, Treasurer, Staffordshire

[email protected]

Like many chicken obsessed people, my interest in 'The Good Life' began as a child longing to own a pony. My dad was so impressed that I had managed to save £100 from my Saturday job at the local Woolworths that he matched it and I was able to buy Apollo my beloved Arab welsh cross pony. Over the years and for practical reasons, I switched from horses to chickens starting with half a dozen hybrids and have now graduated into more serious chicken breeding, one of my favourites being the Booted Bantam. I have won Best Booted with a black pullet at a couple of PCGB Championship shows, although I tend to like the less well known colours and am concentrating on breeding Silver and Gold Birchen and Blue at the moment. I have been a primary school teacher for 28 years and run a lunch time poultry club for children with special needs. My school is lucky enough to have its own woodland and we teach outdoors as much as possible, something that I feel should be encouraged. However I am looking forward to reducing my hours at school and increasing the time I  spend at our home near Stafford improving my stock of Booted Bantams, and enjoying managing our hives of honey bees and spending time in the garden. And hopefully supporting a new Booted Bantam Society of course!

Judi Neachell, Committee Member, Staffordshire

[email protected]

Since my husbands retirement from farming, we have kept a keen interest in the breeding and showing of Hackney horses and Labrador dogs and although chickens of different breeds had always pottered around our yard but we had never considered any one breed seriously. On a chance day out at Weston Game Fair we saw a pair of very pretty bantam chickens offered for sale. These we later found out were Lemon Millefleur Booted Bantams. An instant purchase was made and excitedly I carried my cardboard box containing the chickens back to the car. On arriving home we settled them into their spacious coop and then started to learn all about this gentle and delightful breed of chicken. What started as a compulsive purchase has now escalated into a delightful hobby. Exhibiting is not my main interest although I do enjoy the two big shows at the end of the year and l work towards these. My personal interest is the keeping and breeding of these charming little bantams and at the moment I am trying to develop a black or blue mottled of nice type. I am delighted to be a member of this committee and also to be in on the ground floor of what we hope will be a successful club - giving a little back to the birds that have given us so much pleasure.

Jane Morgan, Committee Member, Essex

[email protected]

My family were from the Kent countryside although I spent my childhood in Germany, where my father was a serving Army officer.  I grew up surrounded by animals wherever we were living and we usually managed to keep a few chickens and geese in our garden as we moved from posting to posting.  When I was 12 years old my father was posted to Christmas Island in the Pacific, where no families were allowed, so we returned to England and my mother and I spent 18 months living alone in a bungalow with a huge garden in Newbury near Reading.  The house had a strange tessellated roof, a large chicken shed and an aviary, all of which were paradise for me, as a wanna-be smallholder.  With my pocket-money I bought half a dozen chickens and a pair of Chinese geese, which I looked after in addition to my pet mice, crested newts, cat and budgerigar. When I eventually got married, to a farmer of course, I could indulge my love of animals and have, ever since then, kept chickens.  For many years I have acquired and bred more unusual and rare breeds in addition to my laying flock, and am hooked on bantams and Booteds in particular.  I have retained many useful contacts in Germany, from where I imported the Ruhlaer Zwergkaulen some years ago. 

My ambition to get the breed known and standardized has now been achieved so all that is left is to work to recover some of the lost colours. I am delighted to be one of the founder members of the Club and will always be pleased to be of whatever help I can to other Booted fanciers.

Philippe Wilson, Committee Member, Somerset

[email protected]

I come from Bristol, in the South West, where I have been involved with keeping poultry since I was 16. I am a Trustee of the Cobthorn Trust, a charitable trust promoting the conservation of native livestock breeds. I keep poultry at one of the Trust farms, where we have approximately 500 birds including Booteds, Ixworths, Modern Langshans and Burmese.  I have been helping with the formation of the Booted Bantam Society in my capacity as a committee member of the RPS, as well as a PCGB Panel B judge and breeder. My aim for the club is to see a greater presence of Booteds on a national level, as well as educate current True Bantam Judges in the standard and judging of Booted Bantams.  Professionally, I am a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Bath, working on novel drug discovery techniques.

Paul Stringer, Committee Member

[email protected]

I am a newcomer to the fancy, but I have kept chickens before. I’m a bit of a showman, having exhibited dogs, cats, horses, and would you believe koi carp, over the years! I’m still heavily involved with the horse show world, being a show ring and dressage judge. In fact, it was the horse that brought me to the Booted bantam. Looking after a friend’s horse, I was introduced to Jane Harnett, our treasurer. I went along to what has now become Jane and Jeff’s Chartley Chucks, where I first saw this lovely breed, being particularly taken with the silver birchen colouring. They were then in their early stages of development some six or seven years ago. I am now retired from teaching, and last year acquired a pair of silver birchens from Jane, wanting to be involved in the development, promotion and acceptance of this striking colour pattern. Stafford County Show was coming up, Jane was taking birds, and my cockerel, Apollo, was looking strikingly smart at home, so I entered him. He wasn’t placed, but I’d loved preparing him and was proud to see him in his pen. I met Ewan and Alison, and had a great day. I just loved it!  I got to know more about the Booted Bantam Society UK, admired their aims and objectives and what they’d done so far for this little bird. They seemed to kind of parallel mine with what I wanted to do for the silver birchen colour.  I’m only a ‘backyard’ keeper, with a fairly large garden, though only a part of it is devoted to my chickens, so I can’t hatch and rear too many, but enough. This is going to keep me involved for a number of years, so I thought I’d like to get on board and offer my time, energy, enthusiasm and my experience as a ‘showman’ to promote the Booted bantam. If I can help in any way, I’m willing. Look out for place rosettes at many of the shows with classes for our breed in 2016.


Richard Boden, Committee Member, Staffordshire

[email protected]

Hi I'm Richard Boden. Most people will know me as Dikki! I live in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I keep the breed in various colours (lemon millefleur, gold millefleur, porcelain, black, blue & white). I also keep the Rumpless Booted Bantam. I have kept poultry for quite a few years now and I cannot get enough of it. I also keep Silkies, Seramas, Hamburghs & Lakenvelder. I love to show my birds as I feel that it helps to promote the breed and it also helps the breeder to compare their birds against others. I have always loved the Booted Bantam (Sablepoot) ever since I first saw them and I feel that having our very own Booted Bantam Society is a fantastic step forward for our breed. I am very pleased to be on the committee of the BEST breed society around!


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